Disposable Adult Elderly Diaper, Breathable, Water Absorption Nursing Urine Mat, bedridden Elderly Health Care


1. Premium non-woven surface, soft touch feeling like baby skin, super comfortable to use.
2. High molecular water absorbent material, fast absorption, keeps the surface dry, and does not damage the skin.
3. 4pcs side waist stickers, you can paste it again at will, adjust the paste position at will, keep the tightness.
4. Not easy for side leakage, strengthen protection to prevent from staining the sheets, care for peace of mind.
5. Suitable for bedridden elderly, maternal women, incontinence patients and so on.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Adult Diapers
Material: Non-woven fabric, PE leakproof membrane, cotton-like wood pulp polymers water-absorbing material
Color: As picture shown
Specification: 10pcs/ pack
Model: L Size
Size: Approx. 102-140cm/4-5.5in
Applicable People: Bedridden elderly care, incontinence care, mobility-impaired care, patients after surgery

1. Absorption: Adopting high-molecular water-absorbent material, it absorbs water more strongly
2. Suitable: Double-layer absorbent body, dry and comfortable without leaking urine
3. Breathable: Breathable bottom film, exhale hot and sultry moisture quickly
4. Protection: Double-layer leakproof enclosure, more intimate leakproof
5. Fit: Saddle-shaped fit and cut, more comfortable to wear
6. Narrow: The curved design of the crotch is more close to the buttocks
7. Bouncing: Surrounded by elastic waist, stretch freely, fit at any time

Package List:
1 Pack of Adult Diapers (10pcs)