Natural Jade Eye Mask Cooling Sleep, Anti Aging Puffiness


  • Name: Natural Jade Sleep Mask
  • Material: 100% Natural jade
  • Function: Eye massager Therapy
  • Size: #1-24.5*9.5cm/ #2 -22.0*9.5cm
  • Usage: Sleeping mask, massager mask
  • Weight: #1-210g/ #2-205g


❥❥Jade Mask Beauty: Jade is famous for its calming and healing properties, and the empress of China has used jade in beauty for thousands of years. This jade eye mask, which is hand-woven from ❥❥100% quality and natural jade material, is a perfect soothing massage eye product that complements such as jade roller/ jade guasha and other products.
❥❥Natural gemstone Jade Sleep Mask: Compared with a gel face mask, a natural jade stone eye mask can cold for a long time. This stone eye mask is suitable for any skin type.It has been carefully designed to better suit the contours of the eyes. It is an ideal choice for puffy eyes.It can be used for after-sun care, dark circles and migraine relief, relieve headache, effectively relieve eye fatigue, and Relax your eyes while promoting sleep.
❥❥Jade Function: The cool and weighted touch of jade helps relieve eye puffiness and fatigue, relieve migraine and sinus problems. Cool compresses can shrink pores and improve the skin around the eyes. Jade eye mask is also useful for meditation, helping to calm the soul and bring deep relaxation and tranquility.
❥❥Hot or Cold Theraphy:Put the cooling eye mask on the face in the morning to better eliminate edema and wake up.You can use an eye mask to relieve eye fatigue after working for a period of time. After the evening skin care step, put the eye sleep mask in warm water for about 10 minutes and use it to promote essence absorption.
❥❥Ideal Gift Choice:This jade eye mask set choose quality and natural jade material, professionally polished into small pieces, manually select the jade pieces with the green color and best quality, and then weave them by hand. Every product is unique. Perfect for any Gift giving occasion,you can express your concern for the health of your loved ones by giving them a 100% premium jade eye mask.